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Dineable helps people stay connected through team building and employee engagement at corporate and association events. 

Dineable virtual catering & group gifts encourage team building, drives sales for client-facing events, delivers catering and gifts to your friends, families, and colleagues, and more. 

Choose from a variety of food and beverage packages, cheese and charcuterie grazing boxes, happy hour packages, mixology kits and classes, chef-led demos, grazing boxes, gourmet gift baskets, and more to help bring together the people that matter most.

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Our Story

We founded Dineable back in 2017 to help people connect through food. Back then, Dineable was a software platform to help hospitality professionals manage guest dietary restrictions.

We believed then as we do now, that sharing a meal is the most effective way for people to gain perspective and build empathy. Facilitating these connections between friends, families, and colleagues is the very heart of hospitality. When something gets in the way of that, whether it is a food allergy or a global quarantine due to a pandemic, we focus on creating progress and finding new ways to achieve enduring goals.

With COVID-19 ravaging the world in 2020 and entering into 2021, it was clear that the biggest barrier to sharing a meal was sharing a physical space. We launched our virtual catering service in June 2020. We figured that food delivery was already ubiquitous, so why not bring catering into people’s homes for their events? There’s something special that happens when a group of people taste the same flavors at the same time, an unspoken shared moment that is impossible to replicate. We wanted to make that possible for people separated by hundreds or thousands of miles.

And we did, in the last year Dineable has served over 5,300 meals to people separated by an average distance of 636 miles. The meals, snacks, and beverages lovingly crafted by our culinary partners have traveled more than 3.4 million cumulative miles, to all of the continental United States, Hawaii and even abroad, and more than 500 zip codes. We facilitated shared culinary experiences across states, borders, and oceans. These numbers continue to grow exponentially as people recognize the need to stay connected even when we are apart.

We know that geographically distributed teams will stay distributed, and that flexible work is here to stay. And so are virtual events. The technology for virtual events will continue to improve. Hybrid events will help everyone experience the best of both worlds, while reducing budgets, helping guests save on travel and lodging while still providing unique and inclusive experiences.

This is the present and the future, and we are so excited to continue to be a part of growing this new segment of hospitality with our guests, our customers, and our inimitable and growing list of culinary partners. 

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