Food counts.

People talk about food in all sorts of different ways.

They say, “food is love,” or “food is medicine,” or “food is fuel,” or “food brings us together.” They also say things like “this food could kill me” or “that food gives me hives.” They worry about insomnia or chronic pain or ethics or religion. Food can be poison or antidote, transcendent or terrible or just “meh,” but it is almost always meant as love somewhere along the path from source to plate.

At Dineable, we simply say that “food counts.”

In today’s world of personalization, it can be really hard to get food right. Guests increasingly expect customizations tailored to their needs and preferences, and now in the midst of a global pandemic food safety is on everyone’s mind.

We’re here to help. Want to arrange a virtual catering experience for your next virtual event? Looking for food allergen safety or food waste reduction? We’ve got you covered. Need help leveraging technology to reach your customers as efficiently as possible? No sweat, give us a call. Trying to find the next big innovation so you can stay ahead of the curve? We’re already there with our Food Profile API.