Celebrate Festivus With Your Team

Looking for the perfect team-building holiday experience? Look no further.

Led by comedian instructors from Off Mic Comedy School, get your team laughing, celebrating, and building stronger relationships with a special Festivus-themed Toast & Roast.

You’ve heard of Airing Your Grievances, but what’s a Toast & Roast? Glad you asked: It’s a fast-paced, super interactive workshop immersing you in the basics of toasting (saying nice/kind things about people) and roasting. So…airing your grievances but with a twist!

Each guest receives a Seinfeld-themed snack box including crowd-pleasers like Junior Mints, muffin tops, mango, a black & white cookie, pretzels that will definitely make you thirsty, and more!

(We are in no way associated with the Seinfeld TV show or with Jerry Seinfeld or any of the cast or crew of the show. This is intended as an homage to the show and to the Festivus holiday).

$99.00 per guest

*10 guest minimum

*Includes sales tax & standard shipping. Instructor tips are encouraged.

*60 – 120 minute live virtual experience. Time depends on the size of your group!

*$3 of each purchase is donated to the Off-Mic Scholarship Fund and to Feeding America ($1.50 to each).

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