Food counts


Food counts. It keeps us connected.

The world is disconnected and people are increasingly at odds with each other. But we still have so much in common, and food is always at the center of life. Sharing a meal with someone is and will always be one of the best things any of us can do to gain other perspectives and build empathy.

And just because COVID has made the world go virtual in so many ways, it doesn’t mean we can’t share a meal with our colleagues, co-workers, friends, families, and maybe even some new connections. Whether you’re planning a team meeting, an industry conference, a company happy hour, a social virtual event, or an association lunch & learn, we can help.

At Dineable, we simply say that “food counts.”

People say, “food is love,” or “food is medicine,” or “food is fuel,” or “food brings us together.” Food creates and triggers memories, it grounds us in our communities, is at the center of all of our most important events, and even sometimes helps us resolve disputes and unclog the conduit between our minds, our hearts, and our sleeves. Food can be poison or antidote, transcendent or terrible or just “meh,” but it is almost always meant as love somewhere along the path from the source to the plate.

We’re here to help. 

And we want to hear your stories about how food counts to you. Reach out anytime or start browsing menus for your next virtual event!


and many more!