Check here first for answers to common questions about our virtual catering and gifting services

Our minimum orders are for events of 10 guests or more, however in some cases we may make exceptions and fulfill smaller orders. 

Yes! We've done kits for many local and celebrity chefs including Top Chefs Jen Carroll and Melissa King, Iron Chef Jose Garces, and more. Please fill out our custom request form with details about your ingredient kit request, and we'll get back to you ASAP. Check out Chef Carroll's Instagram Reels here and here for a peak at what we can do.

You may be thinking "Our office is no longer fully remote, but we still have team members in different parts of the country and a couple of team members in different parts of the world. How would you accommodate our full team for an event with guests this dispersed?"

We've got you covered... remote and virtual knows no borders!

We have delivered catering & food packages for events to 49 states within the United States, and coordinated food deliveries in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

  • We ship to every state in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii (and will ship to both of those states in special circumstances).
  • For international guests and guests in Alaska and Hawaii, we will coordinate a food delivery for them from a local provider for a $39 coordination fee per guest plus the costs of the food, taxes, delivery, and any other fees billed by the local provider.
    • We will work to source a menu as close as possible to what you've selected for your guests in the USA, however we cannot guarantee that it will be precisely the same.

We can also deliver packages to the office for your team members that are in-person.

  • We always send a full spreadsheet of all tracking numbers to our client contact / event manager contact as soon as we book the shipping.
  • If you provide the guest email addresses we upload them to the shipping company so they receive direct notifications. The frequency is whatever the company uses.
  • Phone numbers are also highly recommended so the carriers can communicate directly with recipients in case of delivery issues.
  • In the case of some of our delivery partners, recipients may also get SMS messages from the last-mile delivery drivers.

Our standard lead times are as follows. We may have some flexibility depending on your situation. Generally rush orders will require additional fees.

  • Events of less than 100 guests require a minimum of 10 days lead time in advance of your distribution date.
  • Events of 101-250 guests require at least 14 days lead time in advance of your distribution date.
  • Events of 251-500 guests require at least 21 days lead time in advance of your distribution date.
  • Events of greater than 500 guests require at least 28 days lead time in advance of your distribution date.
  • All events with alcohol require a minimum of 14 days notice, and sometimes more depending on the supplier.

We can customize branding per your needs. Here is a full document detailing most branding options. A summary is also below:

  • All of our standard packages include a customized postcard inside the box with your menu and event details and a "perishable items" sticker on the outside of your box with your branding and sponsor branding (optional).
  • We also offer a customized postcard with room for a customized message, branding, logo (optional sponsor logos), and any other content you'd like.
  • Additionally, we're happy to include anything in the box that you'd want to provide to us in advance. Common items include:
    • Printed brochures / company materials
    • Printed activity items supporting a virtual event activity
    • Branded gifts / swag

*For all of these items, we need to have them in hand by 2-3 days prior to your date of distribution, and we need a detailed description of each item by 10 days before your date of distribution, including dimensions for all items, and weight for all gifts/swag (i.e. all non-printed items).

Please refer to our full contract here.

Please refer to our food safety info here. Dietary restrictions are detailed in that document.

Most of our packages can be mixed and matched together including having different items from different vendors. As long as we follow the minimum order requirements of each vendor, we're able to do this.

  • If your event is booked with more than 2 weeks' lead time, we'll bill a 50% deposit upon agreement, with the balance due on or around your distribution date.
  • Your proposal will include an estimated shipping price per guest based on the information you provide to us about where your guests are located. Your initial 50% deposit will be based on this estimate.
  • Once you've provided all of your guest addresses, we may adjust your shipping price based on those actual addresses.
  • Payment can be made via EFT, Credit Card, or Check. A 3% convenience fee will be added for credit card payments. Any invoice that is more than 30 days past-due is subject to a 5% monthly financing charge.
  • Missed deadlines, change requests, or other factors may impact your final invoice.

Virtual and remote events and meetings have been around for a long time, however, a spotlight was shone upon this space during 2020 when the world went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual events and meetings can range from the livestream of a panel, to a meeting that is not taking place in person but over Zoom, to full conferences being live streamed via virtual meeting platforms. There are lots of new and old platforms for hosting virtual events and services like ours that deliver catering to the attendees of virtual events in the comfort of their own homes. 

A hybrid event or meeting is an event that takes place in a location where some attendees / employees are on-site and some are remote, but they are participating in the same shared experience. In the context of conferences, a hybrid conference would be where there is an in-person component and a virtual component. Hybrid events are a great way to extend the reach of a traditional in-person conference. Since you are not constrained by geography, a conference taking place in Philadelphia can livestream or broadcast components of the event globally to reach industry members in Los Angeles, Hawaii, or even abroad. Reach out on our contact page to learn more about hybrid options. 

Dineable offers “virtual catering.” This is a quick and easy way of saying that we deliver catering to the guests of any virtual or hybrid event no matter where your guests are located. We have delivered catering for events of as few as 10 people and up to 800 people in every state in the continental U.S., Hawaii, and even abroad to locations such as Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. Have a tall order? Ask us and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Many offices have transitioned to fully remote or hybrid work environments. Studies have shown that when a remote or hybrid work plan is not implemented properly or when managers are not properly trained, this can hurt your team and company performance. However, when implemented properly, with the wellness of your employees in mind, remote employee performance is actually higher when compared with traditional in-person work environments. Furthermore, studies show that engaged employees are more productive than disengaged employees. There are many types of ways to engage a remote team, throwing an event with catering packages delivered to each team member is just one way. Please explore our website and let us know on the contact page if there are any questions about what will help keep your team engaged!