Professional Women's Roundtable: Member Celebration


For their October 2020 Member Celebration Luncheon, Professional Women’s Roundtable Philadelphia (PWR) was celebrating the recent infusion to their membership with new personalities and fresh energy. It was PWR’s first gathering for new and existing members to get to know one another and meaningfully connect in the community.

Professional Women’s Roundtable Philadelphia is a collaborative community of women dedicated to building collective confidence, courage, and connections. PWR’s mission is to embolden and empower women of the Greater Philadelphia region in their pursuit of professional and personal growth.

PWR develops innovative and inclusive programming that provides a platform for networking that goes beyond nametags and talking heads. The goal is to cultivate more productive networking, more intentional leadership development, and more dynamic dialogue.

Catherine Sontag was in charge of planning October’s event and she found a way to translate their in-person gatherings to a virtual forum that was authentic to their mission and why people joined PWR’s efforts.

The event was for members only- approximately thirty people. Catherine is also an event planner and had worked with Promptworks, a Philadelphia software development firm, when they hosted an invite-only event earlier in the year. After facilitating numerous virtual events, it was Dineable’s virtual catering service that felt to her one of the most unique ways to connect with guests and thank them for attending.

“Dineable makes the whole process so easy. We agreed to a budget up front and talked about our options. We chose a fall-themed menu that felt exciting with the season change. Since we’re local in Philadelphia, we dropped off little touches to be included with the meal like a handwritten card and a poster.”

Everyone received the meal at the same time- a hot harvest bowl straight to their door created by a local caterer. After the icebreaker, PWR framed the lunch with Ingrid Fetell’s TedTalk Where Joy Hides and How to Find It. Everyone ate as they watched the talk. Afterwards, they split into more intimate breakout groups where everyone shared what brings them joy, even making mood boards.

“The entire experience was curated to feel intimate and to engage everyone in shared experiences: viewing something inspiring, exploring a nourishing topic, and sharing a warm, healthy meal,” Catherine said. As an event planner, Catherine knows not every meeting has the budget to send an included meal. But when you can, even though it’s a seemingly small thing, it can make all the difference between transforming a meeting into a gathering.

“Mark is great. I felt confident from the beginning that if we got the information from our attendees, that everything would be seamless. And it was.

If your goal is to connect with your audience and engage a community of sorts, including Dineable virtual catering is a special way to appreciate your guests and mimic the feeling of connectivity in virtual time.”

Catherine Sontag, Event Planner

Dineable's Learnings

A smoother delivery process…

We made the delivery process more efficient by implementing new back end processes with our catering partner.

“Providing a shared meal helped us peak our instagram engagement during the event. Attendees were posting photos and tagging us- expanding our outreach to potential members.”

Maria Matysik, Marketing Chair

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